21 July 2021

Arusha, the future of fashion

PANAFRICA marks a change in the fashion industry with its first recyclable and returnable sneaker. A project that includes both the brand and the consumer.

"We are responsible for our products. From sourcing to manufacturing to launching. So it is only logical that we should be concerned about the end of life of our sneakers. The solution is circularity."

Vulfran, co-fondateur

At PANAFRICA, we build a fair and sustainable project. Since our beginnings, we have strengthened our brand commitments. We have forged strong ties with our partners and integrated new materials that are increasingly responsible: recycled and organic, fair trade…

For 5 years now, we have been questioning our choices and actions on a daily basis, always with the purpose of aiming for a positive human environmental impact. But how can we make our business growth and this eco-responsible ambition coexist? How can we remain coherent?

This questioning has led us to ask ourselves about the end of life of our products.

"How can we prevent our end-of-life products from becoming mere waste? »

The solution: circularity.

By adopting a circular operating mode, we find a solution to two problems.

  • The problem of polluting waste: solved!
  • The problem of the supply of materials for our future collections: solved!

This is how the ARUSHA project, the eternal basketball, was born. The first returnable and recyclable sneaker.

"This project will transform the way YOU consume and the way WE produce our sneakers."

How will ARUSHA change the future of fashion?


ARUSHA is eternal: returnable and recyclable.

Producing well, with innovative and more eco-friendly materials is a daily requirement. ARUSHA meets this requirement:

  • Plain canvas made of recycled PET. A material created from plastic bottles collected from the oceans.
  • Recycled polyester lining. A technical and breathable material to accompany you in all your adventures.
  • Recycled polyurethane insoles for unparalleled comfort.


How does it work?

On your side: the deposit

The purchase of an ARUSHA model includes a deposit of 10 euros (included in the price) which invites you to send us back your pair at the end of its life.

This is a commitment we make together to ensure the circularity of our products, reduce waste and protect the environment. Because even at the end of its life, your pair of sneakers has value: its materials can be recovered, recycled and used to create new PANAFRICA.

In short, we care about your waste! They are a real resource and can help us make the most eco-friendly sneakers there is !


On our side: recycling

A sneaker is made of many materials, with different properties: rubber soles, canvas, leather, linings, insole components…and therefore cannot be shredded, recycled and processed uniformly. The different components of the sneaker are therefore dissociated to produce new materials.


We have been working for several months to make the fashion circular and reuse waste to transform it into new materials. However, significant investments are required. The eco-design of sneakers, the improvement of recycling processes and the optimisation of logistics require research and development work. Beyond financing the production of your pairs, these pre-orders will allow us to free up a significant budget (20% of the price of the pair) so that this model can be fully recyclable as quickly as possible. STEP INTO THE FUTURE WITH ARUSHA With the ARUSHA model, PANAFRICA reinvents itself. It is an opportunity for our consumers and ourselves to take another step towards more responsible fashion, and why not mark the beginning of a change in the fashion industry.

Together, for sure, we will make it happen !


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