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With Rebirth, we give your Panafricas a second life!


We are convinced that managing the end of life of our products is a key issue for reasoned and responsible fashion. That’s why, in March 2019, we launched the REBIRTH programme to restore your used Panafricas.
All pairs of Panafricas can be returned: send us your used pair and we will send you a €5 gift voucher corresponding to the deposit on your pair.

How do I send my sneakers back?

Fill in the dedicated form, then you have 3 options:
1- If you live in France: we will send you a slip to return your used Panafricas for free.
2- If you live in Paris or in the Paris region: drop your pair off at our workshop at 22 passage du Ponceau, Paris 2ème.
3- If you live abroad: the cost for sending the pair back shall be borne by you. We will tell you the address to send your pair to, following your request


What will happen to them?


Option 1: Reconditioning

If your sneakers are in good condition, they are reconditioned by our partner, Zero Waste Shoes.


In practical terms, Zero Waste Shoes will give your sneakers a second life: they are washed with an antibacterial and disinfectant treatment.

The removable parts (laces and insole) are replaced.

The sneakers are then restored to their original appearance.



Option 2 : Recycling

If the condition of your sneakers doesn’t allow them to be reconditioned, they are completely recycled to give life to new products.

Recycling your sneakers is broken down into 3 main steps:


1- Hot crushing

The pair is broken down and chipped.


2- Agglomeration with rubber

These chips from crushing are agglomerated with a mixture of new and recycled rubber from production waste.


3- Creating a new sole

The resulting composite material will be used to make 40% of the new Panafrica soles.



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