Ready to travel around the world with us and discover everything that surrounds us? Grab your PANAFRICA BOARDING PASS and explore new horizons. This time, we are taking you with us to the Democratic Republic of Congo. On our journey we share with you our inspirations, our news and our favorites. Good flight !

| Music

Congolese rumba is the most emblematic and popular musical genre in the DRC. Since its creation in the 40s and 50s, it has become an essential element of Congolese cultural identity.

Congolese rumba is known for its catchy rhythm, soft melodies and romantic lyrics.

But it can also address topics such as poverty, corruption, war and politics, making music an important means of awareness and expression for Congolese citizens.

| Geography

Kasaï province is a province located in the south-central part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is known for its cultural heritage, which includes masks and sculptures as well as traditional dances and songs.

We wanted to pay homage to the province of Kasaï with the 100% vegan Kasaï model made from apple waste.

| Traditions

The Kasai province is known for its masks made from natural materials (wood, bark, plant fibers, etc.). They are often used during ritual ceremonies and traditional dances. Masks can represent ancestors, nature spirits or mythical characters. Carvers are known for their mastery of wood carving with tools such as knives and axes. Masks are often decorated with geometric patterns and symbols that have specific cultural meaning.

Did you have a nice trip ? We look forward to taking you on our next cultural journey. See you soon.

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